Water How Much Do You Really Need Every Day

How Much Do You Use

Given the recent chemical spill that may have contaminated the tap water of roughly 300,000 residents of a number of counties in West Virginia, drinking water is on people’s minds. Ice storms, blizzards and unusually cold weather have also disrupted the water supply to thousands if not tens of thousands of people across the country recently.

How much water you actually need every day is different from how much is used or in some cases wasted.

According to the USGS (United States Geological Society), the average shower uses two gallons per minute while a bath in an average tub uses up to 36 gallons. Some tubs are larger of course and this assumes they are relatively full.

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The 10 C’s of An Emergency Kit – Do They Work?

Awhile back I decided the pack I carried around was getting too heavy. I kept adding gear to the pack because there was space in it and pretty soon I was packing stuff in sideways and stuffing it in as tight as I could get it. The thing is when I went out in the woods with what I had I wasn’t using half of it.

So the question is: does it work?

I’ve had a chance to evaluate it for a month or more now and I’m pleased to report that I like the new configuration much better. First of all it’s light. On Christmas day I strapped myself to a sled with my boy riding on it and then put my pack on over the straps. Then I hauled the whole mess out into the woods to make sojarheadme noodle soup for me and my son. Even carrying the pack and pulling the sled it was much easier than carrying my old pack.

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How To Choose The Best Foods For A 72-Hour Survival Kit

When a disaster occurs, it is too late to shop or search for the supplies you need. A 72-hour survival kit with a 3-day supply of food is the bare minimum that is recommended for EVERYONE, regardless of where or how you live. The most important aspect of this kit is its food and water. While there are additional prep items that are recommended for this simple kit, here are some suggestions for the FOODS that go into a 72-hour survival kit…

When a disaster occurs, you might not have any refrigeration, electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, or telephone services. In order to get you through a minimal period of survival until help arrives or for you to transport yourself from the disaster to a safer place, a 72-hour survival kit is meant to keep you alive and fed.

To get through at least an initial period of 3 days, you must have your own food, water, and other emergency supplies in sufficient quantity. If you store this ahead of time (in a closet, or portable carry in a backpack, rucksack, suitcase with wheels, etc.) then you will alleviate the stress associated with dealing with that (you will be stressed enough as it is…)

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10 New Year’s Resolutions That Every Prepper Should Make in 2014

Every year, people make a series of New Year’s Resolutions that are usually forgotten by the time you flip the page of the calendar over to February. This list starts with some of the standard resolutions that everyone makes that are particularly pertinent to preppers, and then contains some that are unique to this community.

Make this the year that you improve your life right now and your chances of survival later. Pick one or all of these resolutions and persevere!

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When Your Loved Ones Get Hurt or Killed

For man to have family means lot of things. Family means a lot of work and worries, but also a lot of happiness. A good family means support when you are having problems or you are in some difficult periods of your life of course.

When SHTF it can work in both ways too, bad and good, but definitely having family will help you more than being alone.

I mentioned many times why it is better to be with other (close) people when SHTF then to be alone. My course where I talk in detail about my experiences in war has many situations that I would not have survived without my family.

There is one other side to that, during SHTF when anarchy and fighting for survival means violence and you see people close to you get hurt or killed.

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6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know

“Living in the open in this way, and making friends of the trees, the streams, the mountains, and the stars, gives a scout a great deal of confidence and makes him love the natural life around him. To be able to tell the difference between the trees by their bark and leaves is a source of pleasure; to be able to make a bed out of rough timber, or weave a mattress or mat out of grass to sleep on is a joy. And all of these things a good scout should know.” –Boy Scouts Handbook, First Edition, 1911

Being able to identify trees can not only be a source of pleasure, as the first Boy Scouts Handbook opined, but a matter of survival. If you become lost in the woods, trees are an abundant and easy-to-utilize resource, and can be used in a variety of ways, including as food, shelter, cordage, and materials for fire-starting and tool-making.

Below we discuss how to identify six trees that are particularly useful in survival scenarios, and the different ways they can be employed to keep you alive. Keep in mind that because many trees drop their leaves in the fall, it’s important to be able to identify them by both their leaves and buds, and their bark.

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Consequences of Killing in Post Collapse World Few People Think About

Some three years ago the wife and kid of my friend were driving in the car, and on some intersection they hit another car. It was very small accident, both cars were driving very slowly and they only scratched cars.

In other car there were 4 pretty drunk guys and they immediately jumped out of the car and started to curse the woman and kid, she locked the car and called her husband.

Guys were young and drunk, and most probably they did not mean anything too bad other to look very cool and dangerous, but one of them pulled knife in order to scare lady. It was in the evening and without too many folks on the street, and even few people who came by did not want to interfere.

One of them did call the police. Her husband came very fast, maybe in 10 minutes and found them yelling at the car and his wife, the guy with the knife was piercing tires.

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Why are you prepping?

As I start digging into this book I’m writing, I started thinking about how to help people decide what they need to be focusing their resources on. It’s a pretty important topic so I figured I’d share some of this stuff with you guys here because you’re my favorite.

I think that the reason people prep is because they want to be happy. There are risks out there to that happiness that they are taking steps to avoid. They realize that if they don’t do anything about things that come up that they’ll lose their happiness. They forget that sometimes and put their life out of balance and then become unhappy. Even worse, sometimes they lose their balance and prep for the wrong things and end up being unhappy twice.

Prepping is essentially all about Risk Mitigation.

Since I’ve spent a lot of time in the U.S. Army (I still have my certificate of appreciation for my time in the Cold War), I have a decent idea about how the Army does things. Why do we care about what the Army thinks? Most decisions that the military makes is not about battle decisions. It’s about prepping. The military is the ultimate prepper organization.

When you do any sort of prepping, you’re essentially hedging your bets. You’re taking today’s resources and converting it into some future gain. You believe (and rightly so) that there are hazards out there in the world that threaten you. These threats are a risk to your health, life and happiness. You learn things, buy things, make things, find things and store things in order to mitigate these risks. So, it’s basically an investment. But since you don’t have an unlimited amount of money, space and time, how do you know how to invest what you have?

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37 Prep Items People Are Buying

During the past year, this list of 37 items that people were buying may provide an idea for your own preparedness supplies…

Be aware that this list of items is not representative of what we believe ‘should’ be the top 37 preps, but is based and influenced by the following things…

These are items which have been purchased during the past 12-months from Amazon through the Modern Survival Blog website. In other words… through Amazon ads which have appeared on our site.

The results have been partially influenced due to some of our specific articles having been written surrounding one or more of these items, and the subject matter we choose to post about throughout the year.

Regardless of that, it is still interesting to discover what others are purchasing, some of which may inspire an idea or two.

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The Free Man’s 7-Point Bill of Rights

The Roman Catholic Church was guilty of many abuses in Europe all through the Middle Ages, and I think the people of Europe had good reason to walk away from it. But as they did, they made a massive error: They didn’t replace it with anything better.

The Church, regardless of its errors and crimes, taught virtues to the people of that continent. Medieval Europe became home to a culture founded largely on some very positive values, and you can’t deny that the Church had a hand in that development.

After all, not everyone involved with the institution was corrupt and abusive (in fact, such villains were the minority). A significant percentage of local priests, monks and nuns were decent, caring people, trying to help the people of their diocese. However many and evil the inquisitors were, the number of kind and decent clergy was higher, and they had their effects.

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