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Three Digital Privacy Solutions You Should Know About

Dropbox, the popular cloud-based file storage service, has upwards of 200 million registered users. I doubt many of them have ever read the company’s privacy policy, which states clearly that the company will fully comply with requests from law enforcement agencies. And while the company does encrypt your files across their multiple data centers, they […]

OPSEC and Safe Social Networking

This is obviously taken from an Army presentation. So why is it posted here. Well, take a look. You will probably see some OPSEC things that you can improve in your walk. Stay safe. (ed. note)

A Voice in the Bean Aisle – Faith and Prepping

I couldn’t help but notice the white plastic bags that covered the handles of the gas pumps at the corner gas station. “Out of Gas”, said the sign. No gas on account of a hurricane a long, long way from Springfield, Tennessee. Fortunately, I had filled my tank earlier in the week and was only […]

Life-Saving Precaution: Social Media Users Should Practice Operational Security

It’s as easy as a click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone, and in a few seconds sensitive Army information might be shared that could get Soldiers killed. With the ease of social media, in any part of the globe, at any time, a Soldier, Army civilian or family member can post […]


OPSEC, or Operational Security, refers to keeping your everyday movements and actions discreet to prevent malicious parties from being able to piece together important information such as your schedule or the status of your preps. Many preppers and non-preppers alike are familiar with obvious day to day OPSEC procedures (i.e. not putting a key under […]

How to Dress for OPSEC and Protect Yourself

The Gray Man doesn’t wear gray. Ok, maybe that’s not true in some cases because I have worn gray during surveillance, but hopefully you’ll get the point. Deciding what to wear for SHTF clothing to be the Gray Man is a simple concept, and it’s not just about color. You typically want to wear what […]

OPSEC Basics: Your Life Shouldn’t Be an Open Book.

I recently took a regional flight which lasted about 1.5 hours. I flew on one of those jets where you actually have to fold yourself into the seat and the overhead compartments are large enough to stow a pop tart in. I would guess a total of 75 people fit on that aircraft, which was […]